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Instead of buying a wireless headset, ATECH’s receiver plugs into your existing headset to turn it wireless. You can switch between your favorite wired earphones or even use the receiver to wirelessly beam music to your car stereo. No more Aux woes! It comes in a small thumb-drive-esque size with simply one headphone jack and three buttons (one for playback and two for volume). What’s great is that the Micro Bluetooth Receiver even charges via the 3.5mm jack, eliminating the need for an extra port!

Created to celebrate Peterson of Dublin’s 150th anniversary and to honor its Sherlock Holmes line of tobacco pipes, the Holmes Vaporizer Pipe updates the detective’s signature accessory for modern times. It adopts the lines of the character’s deerstalker hunting cap for the “bowl”, which has an LED indicator that glows orange when you take a drag and buttons on the interior to control the flavor strength. It also has a redesigned mouth piece, intake, and trigger, and charges wirelessly when placed on its stand.

For some people external hard-drives became obsolete. The “cloud” offers more unlimited storage, seamless backup integration as well as clean work environment, where you don’t have to deal with clunky drives and wires all over the place. Unfortunately the “cloud” isn’t solution for everyone. There are professionals that need large amount of data to be “one click away” and not 3-hour download away. Things like RAW video footage or RAW photography take a lot of space, but also take long time to download back from the cloud when you need it. On top of that sometimes you just need to have a hard copy in cases where you can’t rely on internet connection. External hard-drives are still there. But most of them are quite ugly and didn’t change in a very long time. UP Memory Tower is not an answer, but a design concept that envisions a more beautiful and modular external hard-drive system. Instead of buying more drives that are not connected to each other and occupy your thunderbolt/firewire/USB 2 ports, UP on the other hand keeps growing the more drives you buy and stack them together. Each drive comes in different colors and various sizes and can be purchased separately. Just stack all drives on top of each other into one unified power base and close it with the fan. At any time you can take only a portion of the memory with you and not the entire stack of drives.

ECO-MOBIUS: Easy Upgrade with Low Cost. Mobile phones are evolving fast. To keep up with the trend, people have to keep upgrading their devices, which are outdated very quickly. Buying a new device just for a better part or parts is costly and wasteful. ZTE designed a freely assembled and upgraded modular phone called ECO-MOBIUS. The phone is divided into four independent modules: LCD, core, camera, and battery. The LCD module includes the screen and lens; the core module consists of a removable CPU, GPU, ROM and RAM and other electronic parts. The four modules can be easily disassembled and assembled through a sliding track design. In the ECO-MOBIUS series, main components are designed to be easily accessed and removed to make upgrading smooth, inexpensive and less wasteful. The CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, camera, battery and display all fit within a modular framework that has a standard design across the whole ECO-MOBIUS series.

Dinara Kasko's Design Background Inspires Architectural Desserts & Delicacies Part of the beauty of an architectural education is that it provides you with design skills that can be applied to a wide variety to jobs. So when it came time for Kharkov University Architecture School graduate Dinara Kasko to select a career path, she chose to pursue something a little bit sweeter: architectural pastry chef. After graduating from university, the Ukrainian-born Kasko developed her architectural skills for 3 years as a designer-visualizer for a firm in the Netherlands, where she also worked part-time as a photographer. But her true love was pastry making, which she had discovered after traveling to 16 countries starting at age 17. So when she needed to take time off after the birth of her child, she found an opening to follow her passion, inspired by her architectural past. Approaching her cakes and treats as if they were scale-models of buildings, Kasko utilizes 3D-modeling technologies to create silicon cake molds. She first models the designs in 3DMAX, then prints the master model on a 3D printer, which she uses to cast the silicon molds. In their completed forms, her cakes resembled diagrammatic models of contemporary architecture, but rather than building with steel, concrete or glass, the material palette for her buildings consists of meringue, gelatin and chocolate. In searching for her own niche within the field, Kasko is striving to connect “patisserie and architecture” through geometric forms and careful compositions.

The EARTH was designed to help us use technology not to connect with each people across the planet, but rather with the planet itself. A 3D printed (with actual relief details for mountains, continents, etc) and hand-painted replica of the earth, it syncs with a partner app, a sort of cosmic tour guide, to show you everything related to the planet we call home. From live, real-time demonstrations of cloud cover, to a complete historic journey of weather patterns, meteor strikes, natural events, etc, you can explore the earth’s 4.5 billion year journey, even dissecting it to look at the composition of the planet. Geography, geology, chronology, and ecology, everything gets bound into EARTH’s partner app AstroReality, and its AI-powered voice assistant, Gaea.

The small Scribit robot allows users to personalise their walls with digital artworks. It will be unveiled at this year's Milan design week, taking place from 16 to 25 April 2018. Requiring just two nails and a power plug, the device can be installed in less than five minutes. It then uses inbuilt engines to move, draw, erase and re-draw new content a limitless amount of times. Users can either create brand new content or upload an existing visual file from the internet, which will then be autonomously drawn by Scribit. The robot is able to draw onto any wall surface, including whiteboards, glass and plaster. The digital device works on a two-axis plane, moving up and down two cables that hang from a vertical wall. After moving itself to the desired point, Scribit then uses markers to reproduce the content dictated by the user. These marks can then be reversed by Scribit's erasing process, which works in a similar way. Once the relevant input is given by the user, Scribit knows where the previous content has been drawn and will follow its shape until the image is fully erased.

Did you know that a simple meditation is all it takes to combat your jet lag?! It’s not as easy as it sounds, however, especially considering how most of us struggle to take personal time to reflect at all let alone when we’re faced with intense timezone changes. That’s where AURA comes in handy. It takes the guesswork out of meditating and the torture out of jet lag so you feel enlightened upon arrival. Designed primarily for business travelers and frequent flyers, it provides a personal place of serenity and relaxation using an immersive combination of virtual reality and light/sound therapy. During a flight, users can place headphones over the head and extend the retractable visor down for complete isolation. Then, the environment of their choice can be selected with custom options for scenery and sound. They can also choose to follow a number of guided meditations to destress, unwind or refocus the mind in preparation for their journey.

The STC Memento is one of those products that are at the convergence of a great idea, and marvelous execution. Each disc shaped Memento is 3D printed in either plastic or metal. They come in two sizes and a wide array of materials (including precious metals, for those perfect jubilee moments!) Each material brings a different dimension to the STC Memento and you can choose between polished and matte finishes. The STC Memento’s design makes it a beautiful choice for a pendant, or bracelet ornament. Especially if you opt for the silver, gold, rose gold or platinum build. The plastic/aluminum/steel variants can be hung in a keyring too, or converted into a push-pin for your bag. They even come with custom-made story cards, and image files that you can use to make your own memorabilia. Is there any better way to celebrate a special day?! I think not! So go ahead, gift yourself a solar-system selfie!

The ShiftCam 2.0’s design brief was probably “make something for everyone”. Its case comes with a wide variety of lenses and lens choices that you can swap based on your usage. If you’re the Insta-enthusiast, there’s something for you, if you just want incredible selfies, there’s a little something for you, and if you’re the pro user who wants to exploit the camera’s abilities to the max, there’s something for you too.

According to the makers, the Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Zeus represents the first of many all-electric American hot rod motorcycles the company plans to introduce over the next several years. Owing to its conceptual prototype status, details are scant at this point, but if the final model looks anything like the concept prototype before us, it’s surely an eye-catcher!