Siempre al día

Did you know that a simple meditation is all it takes to combat your jet lag?! It’s not as easy as it sounds, however, especially considering how most of us struggle to take personal time to reflect at all let alone when we’re faced with intense timezone changes. That’s where AURA comes in handy. It takes the guesswork out of meditating and the torture out of jet lag so you feel enlightened upon arrival. Designed primarily for business travelers and frequent flyers, it provides a personal place of serenity and relaxation using an immersive combination of virtual reality and light/sound therapy. During a flight, users can place headphones over the head and extend the retractable visor down for complete isolation. Then, the environment of their choice can be selected with custom options for scenery and sound. They can also choose to follow a number of guided meditations to destress, unwind or refocus the mind in preparation for their journey.

The STC Memento is one of those products that are at the convergence of a great idea, and marvelous execution. Each disc shaped Memento is 3D printed in either plastic or metal. They come in two sizes and a wide array of materials (including precious metals, for those perfect jubilee moments!) Each material brings a different dimension to the STC Memento and you can choose between polished and matte finishes. The STC Memento’s design makes it a beautiful choice for a pendant, or bracelet ornament. Especially if you opt for the silver, gold, rose gold or platinum build. The plastic/aluminum/steel variants can be hung in a keyring too, or converted into a push-pin for your bag. They even come with custom-made story cards, and image files that you can use to make your own memorabilia. Is there any better way to celebrate a special day?! I think not! So go ahead, gift yourself a solar-system selfie!

The ShiftCam 2.0’s design brief was probably “make something for everyone”. Its case comes with a wide variety of lenses and lens choices that you can swap based on your usage. If you’re the Insta-enthusiast, there’s something for you, if you just want incredible selfies, there’s a little something for you, and if you’re the pro user who wants to exploit the camera’s abilities to the max, there’s something for you too.

According to the makers, the Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Zeus represents the first of many all-electric American hot rod motorcycles the company plans to introduce over the next several years. Owing to its conceptual prototype status, details are scant at this point, but if the final model looks anything like the concept prototype before us, it’s surely an eye-catcher!

Are you tired of fiddling with your earbuds when storing them and taking them out of your pocket? The Octopus Earbuds are fitted with suction cups that will adhere to your screen when they’re stowed. The suction cups on the earbuds are inspired by the ones you’d find on an octopus’ tentacles. The flexible silicone flap on the front of each bud will become an impromptu suction cup when flipped forward. They were designed to keep the wires of your earphones from always being tangled up, but really don’t do anything to address the cable itself – but sticking the earbuds in place should help keep things from getting too messy.

One-bedroom apartments and small terrace houses can be very limited when it comes to space, so making the most of every possible square foot is vital. For this reason, a large and bulky appliance such as a laundry machine isn’t an appropriate use of the space, and on top of that a large washing machine possibly isn’t efficient for just the one person! The Drawasher could be the product to solve these issues! Its compact design disguises itself as a set of draws, leading to a design that doesn’t look at all out of place in any room.

These amazing titanium key rings utilize a unique interlocking shape to form its locking mechanism allowing the rings to pass through one another for fast, easy, & secure use! MINI LINX™ can be used together to form their own key ring system (two or more MINI LINX can be linked together), or they can be combined with our MSTR LINX Carabiner and used as additional quick-release key chains. Each MINI LINX™ purchased out side of the Carabiner Set costs $20 and comes with a complimentary flat key ring.

Astell&Kern pursuit is to provide the natural and original sound without distortion. It offers almost the exact presence with tiny details you wouldn’t have noticed from other music systems by playing back high-resolution music bit for bit, exactly as it was recorded. The exact sound without missing any bit of the live performance in recordings is what Astell&Kern is known for.

Crafted by Frecobol Carioca, these Trancoso Beach Bats have become icons of the Brazilian brand. Handcrafted by skilled marceneiros in Brazil, the beach bats are created using up to five layers of wood off-cuts and then covered with a resin, creating a beautiful collection full of varying grains and wood colours. The wooden beach bats’ resin coating makes them sand and sea-resistant, while they also feature green neoprene grip handles, meaning they are the perfect companion for a day at the beach, or simply for a game in the garden on sunny days. Inspired by the games of frescobol played on the beaches of Rio, the colourful designs of Frescobol Carioca take influence from the famous tiled pavements of Brazil and combine it with practical and hardwearing materials. Each Trancoso Beach Bats set includes two bats, two balls and a water-resistant drawstring pouch for easy transportation.

Water you can eat! What is Ooho? It is 100% made of Plants & Seaweed. Biodegradable in 4-6 weeks, just like a piece of fruit. Edible, can be flavoured and coloured. Fresh (shelf life of a few days). 5x less CO₂, 9x less Energy vs PET. Cheaper than plastic.

The Weather Cube introduces an entirely new way of “reading” the weather! Rather than glance at your smartphone, open the newspaper or turn on the TV, this artistic object displays the current weather outside by manipulating water to express conditions. For example, still means sunny, dripping is rainy, a wave symbolizes wind and steam stands for foggy. Additionally, the design displays the current hour/minutes and temperature so you’re always prepared and on time!

Lensball is the ultimate photography tool. A unique way to capture your world. It flips things upside down, gets them in focus, and lets you see much more than you normally would.