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The latest from Id STONE, the YELU electric scooter is all about aesthetic and material contrast. It fuses modern e-drive tech and an advanced interface with a combination of handcrafted, natural materials. The deck is made from reinforced hardwood while other, more subtle details are presented in cork and leather. Both organic and contemporary, the resulting unit is as much a fashion statement as it is a functional, folding device for the last mile!

FastButton® has been created by Fulvio Buonavoglia, an inventor from Bergamo (Italy). He developed this idea during military service: he had trouble stitching a button of his military jacket and the only tool he had was a cable tie for electrical installations, so he used it and the idea of FastButton was born.

Legend has it that long ago the daughter of a chief from a tribe living near Lake Akan in Japan fell in love with a commoner. When her parents opposed the union, the couple ran away but tragically fell into the lake and sunk to the bottom. According to the myth, it was here that they turned into Marimo moss balls and why this plant is now known as a token of love, affection and good luck.

Get the most out of the dual lenses on your iPhone 7 Plus with the ShiftCam Camera Lens Case. Rugged by design, this case has 6 lenses that add new perspectives to your iPhone photography. You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism. This gives you the option to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful close-ups. Unlike clip-on lenses, ShiftCam is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. It also aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time. In addition, this durable case keeps your iPhone safe on photography trips and everyday adventures. The shock-proof case is slim, while still adding good grip and an optional wrist strap for extra security. You can remove the lenses to make it even slimmer.

ClockClock 24 combines a unique concept, technical precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality form. The idea for ClockClock 24 comes from the original project and brings the concept of kinetic time sculpture to a wider audience, in a more compact and affordable version and lends a joyful satisfaction to the passing of time, in its clever interplay between analogue and digital timekeeping.

Display your messages with style via Vestaboard Mechanical DisplayVestaboard receives the information from your message via Wi-Fi and automatically flips the characters to the appropriate letters or numbers to exactly show what you want to share. Vestaboard has space to display 161 characters, including letters, numbers, symbols and colors. It's perfect for displaying 160 character tweets, news and weather updates, quotes, and any messages you want to share.

Intelli+ is the worlds first smart screen protector that simplifies navigating your iPhone. Built with Smart Glass technology, you no longer have to struggle to reach the top of your screen. Instead tap on the built in smart buttons and let it do the reaching for you.

Complete with an exceptionally minimalist design, this clock gives you a whole new dimension of time-telling. Story uses a magnetic system to guide a chrome sphere along the circumference of the face. The ball moves to indicate the time. But, the positioning isn’t just for hours. Instead, Story tells, well, a story. The chrome ball will always begin at the 12 o’clock position. Its movement is evidence of your story rather than that of time.

Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone. Instead of zooming in, Superscreen Aspect fits the content on your mobile screen so nothing gets blurry or cropped. Supercharging your phone's OS with the convenience of a 10" HD Display.

ÖGON : THE CREATOR OF ALUMINUM WALLETS Ögon Designs invented the concept of the smart wallet in 2004 and has continued to innovate ever since with a unique take on the traditional wallet. The arrival of Ögon on the leather goods market caused a mini-revolution. Being the very first designer wallet made with aluminum, the Stockholm model shook up the market. It is compact, light and its content is accessible in a glance. Modern and distinctive, the Stockholm card case rapidly became a best seller and has proved hugely successful.

Smartphones are ubiquitous in our lives: we rely on them to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, look up information, and stay in touch with people with an ever-growing collection of apps. A new, minimalist phone is designed for people want to eliminate all that clutter, but still remain reachable.

"Cliq" Premium Magnetic Clothing Hangers. Hookless coat hanger that uses magnets to hold onto metal rails. German-Latvian creative agency Flow Design has created a hookless coat hanger that uses magnets to hold onto metal rails.