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Secret Wifi Cufflinks Concept by Rafi Ratan offer 2GB flashdrive storage along with the capacity to create a WiFi hotspot. When pulled apart, the device reveals a new USB end port hidden inside. by plugging the USB right into a web-connected computer, a user creates the high-speed wifi hotspot from which laptops along with mobile devices can access the internet.

For a power nap at your desk, chair or wherever you may be without moving an inch. Just slip it on and you're off to dreamland. Without leaving the workplace, chair, desk or wherever you stay, the soft inner life gives you a haven. For a short break from the stressful environment, isolate the head and hands, i.e. mind and body, to recharge fresh energy.

While the laptop is getting smaller, the USB ports are getting more limited. But more and more devices are using USB port. So this InfiniteUSB can solve this problem.When there is a new USB device plug in, at the same time, it provides one more USB port.If more USB devices were designed with plugs like this, there wouldn’t be any limitation with the number of USB ports on computers anymore.

Align is the world’s first dislocated twist pen. With its pen body disjointed in the middle, it tempts you to ‘align’ the shape and activate the pen’s function. Breaking the norm of the common pen shape and design, it is created as an elegant piece of micro sculpture with functionality.

The Japanese rhinoceros beetle, or kabutomushi, is a popular little creature, appearing in a vast array of games and toys. But did you know that you can eat them? The Takeo Tokyo Edible Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle Snack is as exotic as its sounds: a pack of beetles, dried and salted (but don't worry, not alive!), and waiting to become the latest morsel to pass your lips. Eat them as they are or add the beetles to rice, noodles, or other dishes.

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to replace a lock. This simple product has been designed to enable you to wear your key conveniently on the wrist. The key shaft forms one end of a silicon band that locks together around your wrist, you can release it by pressing a small round button near the connecting point. So, Bracelet Key anyone? Designers : Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin and Chung Boogun

Nike Epic React It started from the idea of a slipper on a mattress. Then we let computers and feet work together to find the perfect geometry for a running shoe. #NikeReact

We all have one or the other friend who doesn't need anything and doesn't want to have gifts. So the question is: what to buy? Nothing-the perfect gift for the person who wants nothing or already has everything!

George Bosnas' Rubika sends your brain on a different kind of trip. Rather than teaming up with your fingers and using pattern recognition, movement visualization, and memory to solve a puzzle, your brain and eyes share in this Rubik's Cube-style bookcase's 3D optical illusion. The Rubika design is pretty simple - a trio of diamonds, or slanted squares, or rhombi, 2 of which are reflected, with the third pushed up against them. Inside each shape are small shelves of the same shape.

Designer Hideyuki Kumagai must be a fan of the autumn since he has come up with the best way to tell the temperature we've ever seen. The Leaf looks exactly like its name suggests but it's far more than just a bit of foliage. It's a thermometer! If it's a nice and warm 20-25°C (68-77°F), then expect the leaf to stay its natural green color. But if it gets colder the leaf will turn brown, and if hotter it will be a crisp yellow.

Richard Clarkson Studio presents: Floating Cloud, a magnetically levitating ambient lamp. Embedded into both the base and the Cloud are magnetic components that allow the cloud to float approximately 2.75 inches (70mm) off the base. While the base itself must remain plugged in a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the Cloud and enables a totally wireless and unobstructed levitation while in use.

The Etch Clock looks like a solid rock slab with the time etched on its surface. It looks like a slab of stone with the numbers engraved permanently on the surface. You know, as a decorative sculpture can be set at a table in the living room. Except, the Etch watch is a true timing machine, so those numbers engraved on the surface get modified at regular intervals.