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Egg cases contain 50-150 baby Mantis. Hatching usually takes 2 to 8 weeks, so please be patient! It includes a small culture of starter fruit fly to feed babies. This kit includes egg box and fruit flies. Religious mantis praying mantis insects are typically green or brown and are well camouflaged in plants among those who live. As well as a great pet. Carolina is your one stop shop for your praying mantis egg clusters or mantis insect prayer kit.

BeoSound form is a wireless speaker system for music and design lovers, with a customizable design that allows you to define size, shape, color-even sound performance according to your preferences. Each tile serves a function such as loudspeaker, amplifier or acoustic shock absorber and can be mounted in endless combinations and sizes, to conform to large spaces or reduced rooms. It is a flexible system that can grow and evolve according to your needs. Through the Bang & Olufsen website you will be able to configure your own loudspeaker system according to your needs

Free high resolution images that you can use even for commercial purposes completely royalty-free. Every week updated with awesome photos. Project created Ryan McGuire.

Others left behind with the new Tern Surge Pro


Wallpapers tailored individually to fit the wallpaper surface of your rooms. With a unique design and made with the highest quality wool. Even in the wet areas of this design wallpaper can be used.

Sculptures made with granite or quartz that seem to soften made by Jose Manuel Castro López The forms seem to be composed of sponge, clay or even skin, but what the artist uses are actually hard materials such as quartz and granite. With these sculptures López seems to challenge the physical properties of the stones.